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Driving School Websites

The words on this webpage are SERIOUS.
They are not designed to entice…you’ll see why!

This is more than driving school websites, it’s about your future…

Dear ADI
If you want a cheap website to get you up and running, please go to a provider like Godaddy, and hire someone from, because you can have a nice fancy website in a couple of days, perhaps a week, for less than £250. £400 if you are pushing the boat out.

So why is this about your future?

Michael Gerber, author of the E-Myth, it’s a great read, said there are 3 roles in a business.
You have the person on the shopfloor running around, doing everything, never a moment to spare and literally life is passing them by.
Then you have the next level up, the supervisor or manager.
They tend to have staff, but they are not great at delegating and their intention was to earn more money and have a better lifestyle than the person on the shopfloor, but they seem to be under more pressure, and though they earn more money, they are just as broke.

And finally you have the CEO, the managing director, who overseas, delegates, and has a good life balance…or at least they should.
Now I know you love to be in the car, and I am not saying you have got to leave the car behind, but if you are serious about business, you MUST recognise that currently you probably don’t have a business, you have a job.

Websites to turn your job into a business

Your tuition car and your website are not a business, they are parts of a business or a job.
If you only get paid when you work, then you have a job.
That’s the litmus test.

So here is the question.
What do you want today?
A website to keep you in your job.
Or a business tool to break free of the hourly grind?

It’s your choice.
There is no issue, no problem, and no shame if you want to stay in your job as an ADI, and perhaps have 6 or 7 ADIs in your team.

But if you want 50 ADIs, all paying you £100+ a week, then the approach to business needs to change.


The SERIOUS Questions You Need To Answer

1. Everything I have experienced in my life has got me this far, this is the summit, am I prepared to learn more so I can grow into what I want to become?

2. Where are the inefficient areas of my business that are holding me back?

3. ADIs tend to feel that pupil recruitment is the key to franchise development, if that is the case, why have 1000s of ADIs failed to make their driving school? What have they missed? Where have they gone wrong? Why do so few ADIs make a decent-sized driving school, and maintain it?

4. What must you do differently?

Can you see why this is more than a website?

The Riches Are There

But this has to be more than money and more than driver safety.
I admire your passion for driver safety and your desire to create a legacy for your family.
But you also need to have a passion for, or to develop a passion for supporting people in your business.
It comes with many challenges, and you need to be aware your challenges will change.

You can still be out on the road doing a few hours of training, you do love it, so don’t quit.
But it’s a lesson a day. That’s what you a looking at.

You now have 50 to 100 ADIs all paying you £100+ a week
And they will.
If you can offer them what they want, and you can manage those expectations and make it enjoyable, they’ll even recruit ADIs for you.


You Already Know The Secret

It’s not even a secret.
Yes, you will always have to market and advertise your business, but the long-term ingredient to building a 20 year business, that pays you a 6 figure income and 6 weeks holiday a year is based on you receiving unsolicited referrals.
You do this with learners, but now you have to build a business to do the same.

What’s on Offer Here?

You do need the website, and you do need the SEO, but you very much need the business coaching.
By now you probably realise this is going to be a big investment, but it’s not as much as your car, the £20,000 machine you have sitting outside your drive helps you to have a job, our £15,000 website, SEO and coaching package helps you create a 6 figure business for life.

You will be coached by one of the very best, and it’s not me.
Yes, I’ll be here to support your journey, but you’ll be coached by myself and Rob Yates.
You’ll need to speak with both of us before you take this step, but let me tell you Rob is the coach to vice presidents at Amazon, and Microsoft. He coaches some of the world’s biggest insurance companies, international sports teams and Olympians.


Who are We?

David Poole spent many years working with ADIs, building their businesses from 2007 up to 2019 when he sold his business.
Rob for many years has been working across the glob with senior leaders, for the last 5 years David and Rob have worked with life coaches and financial advisors.
In 2023 many of our clients increased their revenues by 200-400%, that’s net profit.

Sadly, we only have the opportunity to support 10 driving instructors with our 12 month package.
Its just that we are not exclusive to ADIs, and have lots of success elsewhere.

Yes we know £15,000 is a heck of a lot of money in the world of ADIs, but it’s just a matter of perspective.
In the UK is £9000 a year to go to university and that doesn’t include accommodation!

We’re not going to glam up this opportunity and sell it to you.
You either want it or not.
We can’t work with people who are not 100% committed and convinced of their future.

So look, 
thanks for being here.
Where ever your choices take you, stay awesome, and if you want to turn this into a serious newt step, contact David on +33 06 24 25 42 68. Whatsapp me.


For Those Of You Who Only want a Driving School Website

Ok, so let’s talk about driving school websites.
As I mentioned at the top of the webpage you can pick up a cheap driving school website pretty easy.
Go to somewhere like Godaddy and hire someone off

You won’t pay much for your website, but you’ll get what you pay for.
Yes, some will look flashy, but in all honesty, a learner driver goes to a driving school website to find your number.

The art of writing a driving school website

When you are constructing a driving school website you need to have a few things in mind.
1. Will Google like it, Because if they don’t how’s it going to be seen?
2. If Google does like it, how do you rank it on page one of Google? I mean what’s the point of having a driving school website of no one can see it, and if people have found you on social media, for heaven’s sake don’t send them to your driving school website, get them to phone or text you.
3. Once you have gone through all of that, you need to persuade people you are worth calling

So what do people want to see from a driving school website?

Is it flashy graphics? – Probably not
Is it proof of your success – yeah for sure, but everyone expects to see that, it’s just a starting point
What they really want is to see some evidence that makes them think “Hmm this is good” or “I haven’t thought about that before”

Because that separates you from the rest of the driving schools.
And it gets you a phone call.

The answer?
We need to look into the 7 Ps of Marketing, you can do that in your own time.
You need products and not lessons.
And you need some sharp language that draws the person into calling you.

Are you still reading about driving school websites?

You have proved my point.

1. You found this website
2. It has nothing flashy about it
3. You are still here reading, learning, and understanding.

How much are my driving school websites?

There is no point in you having a website without SEO.
It’s like buying a car and never driving it.
So the price I am going to quote includes SEO for 1 year.

Including hosting, writing the text for all of the pages, creating the products and the SEO.
It’s £6000 plus £200 a month.

Of course, rather than a driving school website you could join a franchise.
However if you do not intend to create a legacy business and leave your job behind, this is how I would make the investment pay.

1. Find 3 ADIs
2. Ask for a rock bottom price of £200 a month
3. You supply just pupils nothing else.

Those ADIs are essentially paying for your business costs.
Get 6 ADIs, pupils only, rock bottom price of £200 a month, and you’ll also about pay for your fuel each month.

A Driving School Website That Pays For Itself

Get your driving school website on page 1 of Google, Get yourself 15 learners a month, and you’ll be able to find 6 ADIs at rock bottom prices.
they will cover your expenses.
It’s no building a business but at least you have a constant supply of clients and you have minimised your costs.

How to buy your Driving School Website That Pays For Itself?

You need to contact me
Whatsapp is best
+33 06 24 25 42 68

Whatever path you take
Stay awesome


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